Summit House


Situated on what others may consider a difficult, steep, hillside lot, Crome Architecture’s design of the house utilizes the sloping site to create tiered, multi-level living spaces that add dimensional interest to the house, while performing a worthwhile task of minimizing disturbance to the natural site.┬áThe tiered design not only benefits the environment by limiting excavation and offsite hauling, it also provides the opportunity for the separation of public and private spaces and offers an added bonus- an outdoor living courtyard.

Strategically placed skylights and high efficiency windows were part of the design to provide ample natural light and cross ventilation to reduce energy use associated with artificial lighting and mechanical cooling needs. Sited among majestic redwood trees, the house was carefully designed to preserve these natural assets and take advantage of the views in this beautiful wooded setting.


Fairfax, CA

905 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901 | 415 453 0700